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Help with French translation

Lua Code:
  1. local strings = {
  2.     mod_title                           = "ScrySpy",
  3.     map_pin_texture_text                = "Select map pin icons",
  4.     map_pin_texture_desc                = "Select map pin icons.",
  5.     digsite_texture_text                = "Select 3D-Pin Digsite icons",
  6.     digsite_texture_desc                = "Select 3D-Pin Digsite icons.",
  7.     pin_size                            = "Pin size",
  8.     pin_size_desc                       = "Set the size of the map pins.",
  9.     pin_layer                           = "Pin layer",
  10.     pin_layer_desc                      = "Set the layer of the map pins so they overlap others at the same location.",
  11.     show_digsites_on_compas             = "Show Digsites on the compass",
  12.     show_digsites_on_compas_desc        = "Show/hide icons for Digsites on the compass.",
  13.     compass_max_dist                    = "Max pin distance",
  14.     compass_max_dist_desc               = "The maximum distance for pins to appear on the compass.",
  15.     spike_pincolor                      = "Color for lower 3D pin",
  16.     spike_pincolor_desc                 = "The color of the lower section of the 3D pin.",
  17. }
I am wondering if anyone would be willing to volunteer and translate that text to French. Anything in that text that says "Digsite" could be treated as "Excavation Site".

For the top four lines Select is for a choice between two styles of Icons.

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