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Originally Posted by Micke2nd View Post
Hi Keldor,
the only use case I know is to visualize their locations, what HarvestMap does.
If I would need the locations outside the game, I would reuse HarvestMaps files.

What another use case do you have in mind ?
I guess this is the main usecase.
"Collect ifnormation by multiple users without having to install/use different addons, but just use 1 data collector storing the data online where addond evs can grab them for their addons".

This is what I understood.
Thanks for the effort Keldor.
It's a good idea and I hope it will work.

One problem would be to tell the users to use your addon constantly. It will create SavedVariable files that grow a lot as you collect data which is already in multiple other addons you have named yourself -> means BIGsv files -> Long loading screens.
Means 2x big SV files (e.g. harvest map and your colelctor addon= 2x longer loading screens).
They will recognize this and disable your collection addon then.

The other problem I see would be addons not using the same method or data base you are collecting and need to "transfer" your data again to "their internal" data. Which might them stick at their own build in data collectors, included into the addons which the users use to "visualize" the map pins etc.
So in the end it might be a nice idea but not work for some, or just being ignored as their own methods are working and they do not need or want to invest time where not needed.

But having the data shared online to be able to read them from there, even for websites, is a nice feature!

Zone data and anmes always redundantly in the tables!
But I wouldn't ALWAYS include the zoneData like names into all the collected information!
It blows up the files and data tables unnecessarily.
Just create a zonedata table with the names maybe and just reference in your other data on the zoneIds then.
Will make fetching data for the thieves, psijic, etc. "slim" as you can always use the build in ESO API functions to get the zoneName ingame.
Or use your other zoneData table as lookup.
All you need is the zoneId e.g.

And I know many addons already who only would need the zoneId + zoneNames in multiple languages. So collecting this data with your collector "as standalone API/table" would be even nice and could be used. e.g. for LibZones, which many other addons re-use then.

Do you somehow assure that the collected chests data by multiple users, in the same zone, does not report like "20 chests near by each other", where it actually is only 1 chest spawning at slitghtly different locations?
Or do the addons just grab your total data and need to assure this?
Again a matter of data size here then. You will have 20+ entries but only 1 is needed.

Thanks Keldor for working on this!

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