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ok, its possible to implement, so have fun

To support also the WHY question:
Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
I guess this is the main usecase.
"Collect ifnormation by multiple users without having to install/use different addons, but just use 1 data collector storing the data online where addon devs can grab them for their addons".
That already exists.
HarvestMap "collects by multiple users without having to install different addons" Chests, Thieves Troves, Psijik portals and Harvest nodes.
Why not to ask Shinni if he would add a API ? If - and that's still open - if another addon would need that data.

Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
But having the data shared online to be able to read them from there, even for websites, is a nice feature!
Yes, that's a advantage HM doesn't support. Ok and how many webpages need that data ? For what? I havent found one. But let's say suddenly one will be created. For 1 user that effort ?

Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
One problem would be to tell the users to use your addon ...
Yes, because except the support fact, users have no advantages.

Originally Posted by Keldor View Post
The advantage of the whole thing is that the data automatically ends up in the database without having to ask the individual users to contribute the data.
More automatically than to click the bat file from harvestmap ? Very unlikely.
If Lore Books doesnt have this upload/sync actually, I would have started with its data.

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