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Correcting the signature for the GetMapInfo API

We noticed that there was an error in the API for GetMapInfo:

* GetMapInfo(*luaindex* _index_)
** _Returns:_ *string* _name_, *[UIMapType|#UIMapType]* _mapType_, *[MapContentType|#MapContentType]* _mapContentType_, *integer* _zoneId_, *string* _description_
should have been:

* GetMapInfo(*luaindex* _index_)
** _Returns:_ *string* _name_, *[UIMapType|#UIMapType]* _mapType_, *[MapContentType|#MapContentType]* _mapContentType_, *luaindex* _zoneIndex_, *string* _description_
If we fix zoneId integer to be zoneIndex luaindex, any addons that happened to be using this function that had realized the mistake and corrected for it would suddenly break. However, it's possible no one was even using this API. So what I'd like to know is:

A: Is anyone using the API?
B: What would the community prefer in this situation? I can either correct it to be what it should be (potentially breaking any addon using the API) or I can deprecate the field (supporting it in the same broken way forever) and add a new corrected field on the end:

* GetMapInfo(*luaindex* _index_)
** _Returns:_ *string* _name_, *[UIMapType|#UIMapType]* _mapType_, *[MapContentType|#MapContentType]* _mapContentType_, *integer* _deprecatedZoneIndex_, *string* _description_, *luaindex* _zoneIndex_
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