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How to get Minion running on a Mac

It seems that many of us, myself included, have had significant difficulty in getting Minion to work on a Mac. This is due to a flaw in how Minion checks your folders for add-ons. If you're having difficulty, follow the steps below.

1. Open Finder
2. Navigate to Go --> Go to Folder
3. Enter /Volumes/
4. Here you will see all the volumes that you have on your Mac. If you have Time Machine, you may see folders with names such as "Joe's Backups". Remove the apostrophe in the name (though at the time, I also removed the space for good measure).
5. Open Minion and it should behave as expected.

Mods, please sticky for visibility if you see fit. I can also walk you through how I figured this out if it's helpful. Hopeful this is something that can be fixed in a future release.
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