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Originally Posted by himbeerschaf View Post
Edit 2: 2nd PC in the same room has no trouble starting Minion and updating everything, so it's def. nothing with my connection / ISP. Oh my. I'll start labelling my whole system as "esoteric".
Did it work before? If so, then what happened/changed?

If it is a fresh install: Just reinstall Windows. Usually not worth the bother to pinpoint such a problem.

Some pointers for more advanced users (which is the case here):

If you REALLY want to invest the time and find out what happens and why, I would look at the network communication of Minion first (for instance with Wireshark):

(that's what it looks like when the connection does not reset)
  • are you using a hardware firewall? check the rulesets and logs, try to connect your Minion PC through your phone internet instead of your home network
  • has the Windows installation been modified in some way? (disabled services, split user accounts, enabled/disabled features, utf8, not activated)
  • is your PC clock set to the correct time and date?
  • are there other JAVA installations and global environment settings conflicting with the Minion JVM?
  • does this also happen with a newly created Windows user? (new local admin account)
  • check network card packet sizes and settings, try a different network card or connection if possible
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