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ESOUI AddOn update API

How to use the ESOUI API via Curl:

Generate your API token here.
  • Keep this token private as it has access to submit updates to your AddOn via our API.
  • Delete the token at any time to revoke its access to your AddOns
  • Team members can generate their own api token, no need to share yours.

GET AddOns you have access to:
curl -H "x-api-token: <Your Token>" https://api.esoui.com/addons/list.json
GET AddOn details:
curl -H "x-api-token: <Your Token>" https://api.esoui.com/addons/details/<id>.json
POST Updates: (If you GET the endpoint it will list what can be changed via this endpoint)
curl -H "x-api-token: <Your Token>" -F "id=8163" -F "version=123456789" -F "compatible=2.6" -F "[email protected]/Users/dolby/Downloads/test2.zip" https://api.esoui.com/addons/update
List of valid data you can POST:
Just do a GET on https://api.esoui.com/addons/update and you’ll receive an error with a list of valid data points.

If you'd like to just test your script that interfaces with our API you can use the /updatetest endpoint instead: https://api.esoui.com/addons/updatetest. Nothing will actually save when you POST here so you can test that your script is working.

Error Responce:
  • 403 - You must be authenticated to use this API. (Missing or invalid token or cookie)
  • 404 - No AddOns found. (You don't have any AddOns)
  • 404 - ID(s) are missing for AddOn details.
  • 405 - Missing required data fields for AddOn Update (See actual error message for a list of fields)
  • 403 - AddOn Disabled (An admin has disabled your AddOn)
  • 401 - Permission Denied (You are not the author or team member of this AddOn)
  • 415 - File type not supported (You have tried to upload a file other than a zip/rar)
  • 500 - File update failed (Contact an admin, something bad happened)

Normal Response:
  • 200 - (Returned when you successfully GET data from the API)
  • 202 - Update Accepted. (Returned when you POST an update to your AddOn)

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