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It'd be cool to get some community tutorials happening! I'm all for getting new people interested and at the moment information is a huge barrier

My original idea was a set of YouTube tutorials on the basics (as that is all I know atm).
Things like:
  • Installing and required Files for an AddOn and the purpose of each
  • Beginers Guide to LUA and XML
  • How to Initialise
  • Creating Frames using XML
  • Creating Frames using LUA
  • Creating Frames using both (calling virtual frames)
  • Saving between sessions using ZO_SavedVars
  • Registering and handling events
  • Registering key bindings

However I've never recorded tutorial videos before and have no video editing experience so if someone else wants to take this on they're more than welcome! I've always found video tutorials more interactive and easier to follow thus thought video was the best medium (In depth accompanying text tutorials would be great!). Also they tend to use less jargon that can lose new programmers I also think its a good idea to proof the content of each video with the more experienced devs so as not to mislead or promote bad practice.

Does anyone else have any thoughts or can recommend software/advice on recording video tutorials?
Has anyone had similar ideas?

p.s. Tutorials on the wiki would be great I've follow what was there and found it quite useful some more would be fabulous!

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