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Minion won't launch

I downloaded and installed Minion on my Win7 64 bit machine 2days ago. It kept giving me pop-ups of an error that I would just X out of and the program would launch. I would get the pop-up maybe 5or6 times in a row then it would stop. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the error was. I was also unable to create an account because my confirmation email wouldn't come through. So I just used it as a Guest and downloaded 3 add ons and they seem to work fine in-game.

ZAM customer support got back to me today and activated my account, so I can now post.

I tried launching Minion today and all I would get is the orange square with the Minion logo on it (splash screen?). It just sits there and the game won't launch. I don't even get the old error that I had when it was working. If I click on the splash screen, I get the message that it is not responding, so I close the program.

I have it installed in a custom location (D: Program Drive), but it was working before from that location.

I then installed it on my Win8 64 bit machine (also to a custom location on the D: Drive) and it is behaving the exact same way.

Is the problem because it is not on the C:Win drive? If so, why would it work initially?

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