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Originally Posted by cloudor View Post
I want to retrieve time info from quick slot potion, not its cooldown info, but its effects time info. I can get item link by GetSlotItemLink(GetCurrentQuickslot()), but can't find any api to get its description. Please help.

Thank you.
You'll want either GetItemLinkOnUseAbilityInfo or GetItemLinkTraitOnUseAbilityInfo. For the latter a loop like this is needed I think:
for i = 1, GetMaxTraits() do
	local hasTraitAbility, traitAbilityDescription, traitCooldown, traitHasScaling, traitMinLevel, traitMaxLevel, traitIsChampionPoints = GetItemLinkTraitOnUseAbilityInfo(itemLink, i)
	if hasTraitAbility then
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