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Minion Not Working?

I'm a newbie to ESO and, of course, to addons within it. I saw Minion and downloaded it - all good. I fired it up and it sees my addons. Great.

Then I start up ESO and as far as I can see, none of my addons are actually running. When in game, if I hit ESC and then select the 'AddOns' link, all it says is that AddOns are On (as opposed to Off) - it doesn't list them (which it looks like it's supposed to do). So I'm wondering if I perhaps have them in the wrong directory? I'm using the directory:

C:\Users\<my name>\OneDrive - <My Company>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\AddOns

which is what Minion is looking at. but does ESO itself look somewhere else?

Alternatively, once I have my addons in and running, is there something I must do within ESO to start/enable them?
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