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Please stop repeating the same questions in several post in short time, this counts as spamming.
You will find a lot of informatiin how to find the correct addon folder in trhese foruims by using the forum search and just searching for addon folder or addons not fount.
There recently were some threads about the same topic so please use the search and check the help section as well:

If you have moved your folder you do not need to reinstall the game. It makes no difference as the addons folder is not the game folder!

Simplest idea to find the addons folder which the game detects:
Just check via a screenshot taken ingame e.g. which folder is shown as screenshot folder. 1 folder above (parent) should be the folder where your "AddOns" folder is located.
Everyhting else is described in the links above.

Just change the adons folder in Minion than and rescan it then.

OneDrive is not needed to run Minion! It's a microsoft cloud software. If you do not want to use it, deinstall or disable it.
In the OneDrives ettings you will also find a checkbox to NOT move your users/documents folder to OneDrive. Check the OneDrive help and websites for more info please.

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