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Minion Updating Subfolders?

I considered posting this in the 'site discussion' forum but that forum seems to be more geared to user discussions. Please move to a more appropriate forum if this is not the proper place for this question. I'll consider myself educated, if so.

I will be uploading an update to an existing addon published here on Minion. The new update does not include a /lib subfolder which exists in the existing install (I removed a LibStub dependency in the update). My question is this; if installed versions of the addon are updated using the Minion 'Update Addon' button in the app will Minion apply the update by first removing the existing files and folders then extracting the update or will it leave the /lib (or any existing) subfolder intact? I don't remember ever looking at this but im pretty confident that Minion must wipe the existing structure and extract the new. However, having heard that Minion sometimes doesn't properly apply updates I have to consider the possibility that this may be a reason for such reports.

Thanks in advance!
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