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Originally Posted by merlight View Post
But why?

I fail to see any real benefit in dropping LibStub, other than getting rid of a bunch of copies of one tiny source file. LibStub sets up a common namespace for libraries. All you're going to achieve is spill that namespace into the global one. To quote a classic:

Namespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those!

At the same time you're winding up to break unmaintained addons just for the sake of breaking them -- when libraries they use get an upgrade that will not register with LibStub anymore.
The main reason is to remove a troublesome piece of code that has caused countless problems for authors due to the way it handles library versioning. The game itself can now handle the versioning better than LibStub ever could. I'm also not worried about the few extra namespaces in an environment where we have almost 50k global variables. What even is the benefit of having all libraries in one namespace, or is it just for the sake of it?

Unmaintained addons will continue to load their own embedded LibStub and version of any libs as before, so I don't see how they would be affected by library updates that no longer use LibStub.
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