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Originally Posted by TERAB1T View Post
Hey Chip! I have a few questions.

1. Filter in Collections window is case-sensitive, when I type in Russian. If I type in English, everything is okay. Is there any way to fix this?
2. Are there any news about API support for Chat Bubbles and Nameplates?
3. How to change date format in Achievements window? Now it uses format "mm/dd/yyyy", but we use "mm.dd.yyyy" in Russia. It will be cool to have an API method to change date format globally.
4. Can you please replace native Cyrillic with something more readable? In RuESO we use custom fonts, so we don't have a such problem. But those who don't use RuESO complain about quality of native Cyrillic. Just look at this:

Too much space between characters and bad quality overall. It uses Japanese font now, right?
1) Seems like a failure of the toupper function for Russian. It might be something with the locale not being set properly for non-official languages.
2) Haven't had a chance to add these yet.
3) This data is hard coded to the official language type. It would need to be changed to some sort of locale based call on PC.
4) This would require licensing a new font for a language that is not officially supported which makes it unlikely. I can try to raise the idea or see if we can Frankenstein another font into this one but it's not an easy thing to do.
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