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Thanks for trying to bring this to a personal level with your answer, especially your last sentence. I'm not bothered and I'm not passively aggressive, but I get really much annoyed if I read such requests with false facts, spreading wrong information.

It's totally legit to search for new and better stuff.
But maybe rethink your writing the next time before and strip the non-sense! Thank you.

Too keep it short, you have summarized what you should have asked for, yourself:
What I should have done is simply ask "Hey, has anyone created a newer kind of Advanced Filters addOn?", since that is honestly all I was looking for.
True, would have made things more "clean" like you prefer your addons
And I wouldn't have answered the way I did.

Longer answer:
Well, this is the place to ask for addons and search + find them, correct. And yes, you have searched for an alternative.
And you also got the answer providing an alternative. In addition you could use Inventory Insight but it's another inventory approach, imo it's an "addition" to the normal inv.

But the way you did search, spreading wrong information and blaming the addon with wrong facts, was the thing that made me dislike your post:
...but its pretty out of date and has depreciated libraries...
... including the depreciated LibStub.
don't take that as me being uneducated on the topic of ESO Addons, because I am not.
I didn't need to be coached on what your versions of the meaning of up to date is, when I see last updated before 2020 and its late March 2021, I believe I am more than in a position to ask the question I did. But of course, who am I to say, I'm just new here, I don't know how things work. Tch.
1st: You always are allowed to ask but you need to remember:
As the question, so the answer

2nd: If you spread facts (again the wrong ones) try to use the real ones:
Last updated: 2020-11-29, 11:30pm

3rd: Your named arguments are simply not true. And if you would be educated on ESO addons, as you name it, you'd know this:
-Outdated and deprecated ESO addons and libraries are not defined by their last update date
-nor by their out of date APIVersion check in the txt file
-nor by dependencies that maye got moved to the outdated & discontinued section
If the addons work, they work! No matter if they last got updated in 2014, 2016 or 2021!

So yes, you got coached here, obviously for reasons.
I do not want to fight here, I'm just telling you how things work since 2014.
And if you think it has to work differently, you got the right to, but are simply wrong.

I've done enough programming to know that just because something looks like it's working, doesn't mean its full functional and someone else can't or hasn't done it better.
You could read the sticky post in the addon comments where the known bugs are listed.
If you find any others I'd be glad to list them there as well, or maybe even fix them.

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