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Sous Chef

Unfortunately I know nothing about coding so I can only hope that someone can and will save the add-on "Sous Chef". I'm getting two errors from it:

Failed to create control 'ItemSortBank'. Duplicate name.
The this one:

user:/AddOns/SousChef/libs/LibSort-1.0/LibSort-1.0.lua:38: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/SousChef/libs/LibSort-1.0/LibSort-1.0.lua:38: in function 'LibSort:SetupArrows'
user:/AddOns/SousChef/libs/LibSort-1.0/LibSort-1.0.lua:131: in function 'LibSort:Loaded'
user:/AddOns/SousChef/libs/LibSort-1.0/LibSort-1.0.lua:136: in function '(anonymous)'
I sincerely hope that someone can fix it.

So many corpses. So little time.
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