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Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
As asked for in the sticky thread "Please read BEFORE asking addon questions/post bugs/if you want to remove your addon":
Please use the addon comments to report issues

btw: I do not have these issues. Are you sure you are using the most up2date version where it does not contain LibSort in the SousChef subfolder anymore but needs it to be installed to live/AddOns directly?

user:/AddOns/SousChef/libs/LibSort-1.0 -> Means it's in your subfolder and thus you use an old version which is buggy!
Remove it (the total folder SousChef) and download Souschef and LibSort from www.esoui.com again, e.g. via Minion "the addon manager" to get the newest versions.
Thank you so much, Baertram. I'm very sorry if I didn't not put this question in its proper place. I have just returned to ESO after 1Ĺ years, Iím not the youngest of players, and I have a few challenges post stress, so bear with me. Iíll follow your instructions as they look like a plausible fix.

So many corpses. So little time.
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