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[open] More quest info for more quests

We already have GetCompletedQuestInfo(questId) and GetCompletedQuestLocationInfo(questId). Is there a reason this is only available for completed quests? All quests have an (invariable) unique Id, and their name, questType, zoneName, objectiveName, zoneIndex and poiIndex do not change on completion.

Can these functions be changed to GetQuestInfo(questId) and GetQuestLocationInfo(questId), which would return the results for any questId, complete or otherwise? An additional return from this would logically be boolean isCompleted, or alternatively number questState, which would take values 0, 1 or 2 depending on whether the quest is not started, active, or complete.

I would also like to request two additional returns from GetCompletedQuestInfo (or GetQuestInfo if it can be implemented), namely repeatType, taking from the global QuestRepeatableType (self-explanatory), and questDifficulty, taking from the global DifficultyCon, where the quest's internal difficulty (which determines the XP multiplier, as explained by Jess Folsom) is exposed:
Originally Posted by ZOS_JessicaFolsom
We add experience multipliers to quests, usually depending on the time taken and relative difficulty. Those experience multipliers look like this:
  • Very Easy = .1 (this would be CON_TRIVIAL)
  • Easy = .75 (this would be CON_EASY)
  • Standard = 1 (this would be CON_APPROPRIATE)
  • Hard = 1.5 (this would be CON_DIFFICULT)
  • Very Hard = 2.25 (this would be CON_IMPOSSIBLE)
Repeatability and Difficulty are clearly defined internally per-quest, so hopefully can easily be exposed to the API.

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