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Originally Posted by ZOS_ChipHilseberg View Post
We added:

DoesItemLinkFulfillJournalQuestCondition(itemLink, questIndex, stepIndex, conditionIndex)

We changed:

GetJournalQuestConditionInfo now also returns the condition type.
Is there a way to get the decisions a player made for a completed quest?

That information has to be stored in some form, so it would be great if we could do something like:
local decisions = GetCompletedQuestDecisions(questId)

if not decisions then return end

local choices = { }
local i = 0
for key, val in pairs(decisions) do
    choices[i].text = key -- string of the wording for the choice
    choices[i].chosen = val -- boolean true/false this choice was chosen
    i += 1
Where GetCompletedQuestDecisions(questId) returns an array of the possible decisions or nil if N/A.

Even getting the information in a raw form would be useful, like return values of {0,1,2,3} where those are the choice numbers associated with that quest, and the number returned is the one chosen. We would need to do work on our end to translate it to data mined quest information, which is a lot of work, but doable.

The details really depend on how the data is saved to the character, but we know it has to be saved in some form, or the game couldn't react to past quest decisions.
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