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Hey folks!

I'm Andarne, as you can see from this lovely picture to the left.

I'm an avid role-player; always have been. I came to my height in the Lord of the Rings: Online, which I played on EN-RP Laurelin for several years. Moved to SW:TOR then Star Trek: Online. Never felt at home since leaving LotRO, but since I joined ESO I've not looked back.

Getting back into the addon scene, also! I had quite an extensive collection before I left for a few months, only to rejoin again in January. I really should have backed them up...

I'm also developing an RP portal called The Mundus Archives, akin to the famous Argent Archives and its sister, the Laurelin Archives. It will take some time, as I'm using software I'm unfamiliar with (Drupal 7). Any help I can receive is well-appreciated!

You can find me in-game as @cacophony - I would have been using @Andarne, but it's no longer around... - I'm always available to RP on my Dunmer characters, or PvE! Not much of a PvP fan, but ESO has piqued my interest as it's quite different from most MMO's.
Yours sincerely,

Falvis Saryn, of Mournhold.
Liege to the Lord.
House Anther.

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"Most men make some journeys. Whether long or short, with an errand or simply to go 'there and back again', is not of primary importance."

- J.R.R. Tolkien (1892 1973)
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