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Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
If you only want it to happen after you have joined a group you could use the EVENT_GROUP_MEMBER_JOINED,
then chck if YOU have joined (via the name e.g.), or use event filters to filter on the unitag "player" (if the group join event uses that),
and set a local addon variable = true.
Inside the PreHook / overwritten function check if the variable is true and only then block the port to group leader request.

Don't forget to set the variable = false again.
Thank you.

I didn't understand how to use prehook and EVENT_GROUP_MEMBER_JOINED at the same time. If I prehook something it would stay that way?

So for now I did it like this. Have to test though.

Lua Code:
  1. function GhostwheelAIShortcuts:OnGroupMemberJoined(eventCode, memberCharacterName, memberDisplayName, isLocalPlayer)
  3.   local function declineJumpToLeaderRequest()
  4.     if isLocalPlayer then
  5.       ZO_PlayerToPlayer:RemoveFromIncomingQueue(19)
  6.     end
  7.   end
  9.   if GhostwheelAIShortcuts.savedVariables.DeclineJumpToLeaderRequest then
  10.     zo_callLater(declineJumpToLeaderRequest, 150)
  11.   end
  13. end

and set a local addon variable = true.
I assume that this is variable that modifies addon behavior, but tried to reread the wiki (not entirely) and didn't find anything on that. How can I use it?

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