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Thank you very much

Thanks very much to both of you, Sirs!

@Baertram whose other add-ons I got to know!

@amber1019 for 'changes' which did it!

- the telephone-like messaging sound remains but the pulsing visual pop-up i.e. the notif. icon is gone at least - no need for a game to call you up
(tried to silence the 'ding'-sound by muting interface-audio but noted that interface-audio in eso is a bit weird: not only do you mute menu-sounds but also some (not all) harvesting sounds (e.g. I could hear the runestone harvesting but not that of a bee) or you hear the treasure-chest open, close but the sound of using the lockpicks on the bolts is gone... In short: the interface-sounds do not apply just to technical menus

/a bit off the bat regarding experiments with add-ons: i hope there's no add-on limit or too high performance cost with add-ons that do not directly modify the world-user-interface but just menus, etc.?

2 weeks ago one of the first things I did was trying to find a way to have a toggle-sprint button (yes, toggle-sprint, NOT toggle-run) - holding down shift for hours on end just wasn't for me. Have since used an AutoHotKey script which works fine and which I'd like to share here
#IfWinActive, ahk_class EsoClientWndClass

    if GetKeyState("Insert") ; Insert is logically down. Release it.
        Send {Blind}{Insert Up}
    else ; Insert is logically up. Press it.
        Send {Blind}{Insert Down}
It works fine and only affects the Eso-Window.. Alt-Tabbing to another prog the toggle function no longer applies. To set one's own custom key replace 'Insert' with the appropriate key denominator which you'll find in the AHK help text [this AHK-Code I didn't create but put together from different forum entries]!

Again, Cheers and thanks!
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