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Originally Posted by Dolby View Post
No update yet,

This symptom shows up for many reasons and some are easy fixes so please provide more info other than just saying you have the same problem. Please state if you have logs being written, etc.

Please provide your minion.log and minion.xml if they are created, if not please state they are missing. If you have java 8 installed on your system even try the cmd option shown in OP's first post. Thanks!
So now i am getting a different errors. actually getting something direct: c:\users\Name\appdata\local\minion\runtime\bin\client\jvm.dll
"failed to locate JNI_CreateJavaVM"
"Failed to launch JVM"

Edit: I fixed it by fully uninstalling and deleting everything. Going to try it in sandboxie or an emulator
Edit:It wouldn't even load, after install, in sandboxie.

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