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Originally Posted by Seerah View Post
But the event code *isn't* a return from the event. It's a return from the event handler, saying which event was fired. This is documented in the guides on the wiki. The event code should not be documented as a return from the event. It should be documented in how to use the event handler (RegisterForEvent) function.

I disagree with the conclusion.

function obj.myfunc(param1, param2)
return obj.myfunc2(param3, param1, param2)

The signature for obj.myfunc2() is
obj.myfunc2(param3, param1, param2)

It doesn't matter where and how param3 manages it's way onto the stack, it needs to be on the stack for the function call of obj.myfunc2. Therefore param3 is part of its calling signature and trying to use obj.myfunc2 with 2 params will fail, the thing that people experience here.
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