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Help a new guy out with this addon?

Hello all, first of all let me tell you that I loved this addon even though I couldn't set it up to show what I want (reminded me of wow weak auras ).
Anyway I play a do tank and wanted to make a list of icons (like a weak auras) to track weakening/crushing debuff and major skills I use in rotation while in a boss battle (like hardened armor, Pierce,heroic slash) all that because I'm new to the game and searching for these addins between the huge list of buffs in Bott right of the screen feels overwhelming.anyway I couldn't make a single icon to show with weakauras ( although I imported some I found for alkosh uptime). Could some of you guys who knows how to work with it send me a message or ask there so I can request a couple of specific icons? I even tried to find a site like wago.io where ppl post their imports but with no luck anyway looking forward for some help.
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