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Minon completely blank!

Here;s going to be my rant about minion, the lack of updates to the 'how to install' guide and why I'm pissed off with it.. along with telling you that this is INSANELY FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE for someone new to it to use.

1. your images and guide, is severely outdated by almost four years.

This looks nothing like what's on the website for minion. No matter how many times I try selecting the addon folder for elder scrolls online - nothing ever loads. the add-ons I DO have installed are through curseclient and honestly i'm tired of this not working.

what in the freak is going on here - nothing should be behaving like this when it comes to automated addon installers/managers it should be simple and fluid for a user to install. quite frankly, it's disgusting that it's this horrid.

I've spent just over 24 hours now trying to get it to work, but nothing posted seems to really speak to what's going on. what's going on you ask? look in the video.
it never loads the game, the addons don't even load and it doesn't even recognize the addons folder in the documents folder. SO..

there's a lot that minion needs to freaking fix. Coincidentally, curse client actually works for:
locating games
managing your installed addons
atually has file, edit, tools, help buttons near the top
allows for signing in!

all things that are claimed by the esoui people, for minion.

jesus tapdancing christ.

this is the majority of my complaint, along with a youtube video of the problem exactly.

mostly because I sincerely doubt that you'd believe me without it.

i'm running 64bit windows 10, 4 GB of RAM, integrated GPU, stable connection for internet at over 10mbps up and down, the installer file for minion is also 64 bit i believe... and the video should be sfw - as it's hosted on youtube.

I would ask more specifically for help with the problem - except it seems the problem is the program which doesn't want to work. I've managed to also find that both versions do the exact same thing. i'm going to include the logfiles though I doubt they're going to do any good. here goes.

youtube video of my experience using minion.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F5PjOjz6E4&t=9s

here's to hoping for some help, a LOT of ease of use fixes, and figuring out exactly why this darn thing is incapable of being used by the average user.
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