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Just tell it not to detect your ESO install and then enter in your own path. Since you are already past that you'll need to navigate to the "Options" tab and just put in the AddOn folder path of your choice.

I believe we are getting the document path from the JVM Minion runs. It's certainly not hard coded...

"GameDisplayName": "Elder Scrolls Online",
"GameExe": {
"win": "The Elder Scrolls Online/game/client/eso.exe",
"mac": "The Elder Scrolls Online/game_mac/pubplayerclient/eso.app",
"linux": "The Elder Scrolls Online/game/client/eso.exe"
"GameAddOnFolder": "Elder Scrolls Online/live/AddOns"
We may get to fixing this someday, switching away from java's document path var. Right now we are working on opening up Minion so people can submit PR's.

Have a nice day!

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