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Originally Posted by SDPhantom View Post
A lot of big companies have a blanket copyright claim to any creative work done by their employees mainly to prevent corporate secrets from leaking out. In such cases, they have legal right to order such work to be taken down without the author's consent.
Yeah. Sometimes, as in my case, that is explicit in the contract, sometimes it is implicit.

As I noted below, it also is a grey area of the law: in many places, it isn't actually clear-cut if you personally own something if, for example, it might have been developed using knowledge that was part of your job, or does something substantially similar to a product of your employer.

Those y'all can go to court and fight about, but there is no certainly if you, or your employer, would prevail.

Most of this also applies to universities, and government agencies, not just large private companies.

Though in the government case, it usually means that the government owns the content, and there are rules on release, but it more or less equates to "the entire country owns" than anything else.

Anyway, point was, even though I'm really not a fan of this sort of thing, and I think it reaches far beyond what is reasonable, I can't just ignore the law because it is a stupid law.
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