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Why is this a shortcoming of Minion if Minion is using the addon detection like the game itsself is doing it?
There are adodns which do not have any version number in their manifest txt file, and others have.
There are addons which got the version number in the esoui website but not in the manifest txt file, or they are not the same sometimes.

Should Minion just check the "name" of the esoui website and rely on the name (which sometimes got additions to it, or a space or whatever compared to the name in the manifest txt file).

It needs 1 point to react on and that is the name from the addon's txt file + the name of the folder in the zip archive.
This is what the game itsself uses as well so why change this and make a software handle 1000 use-cases?
if you want Minion to update the addon differently then just rename the "patched" addon to something else, adapt the foldername, adapt the manifest txt name and contents and you are set.

But noone even cares to do any changes the website itself, so I am barking at the wrong tree trying to point out Minion bugs/whatever anyway.
Ppl got a reallife and this software is for free. So just wait, or pay them for their work if you want a fast solution with whatever additional features.

I don't get why you guys always complain about FREE TO USE software. Build them yourself and manage them over years and THEN complain about it again, after you have learned how much time this is consuming, and what personal problems with your families and friends can result from too much invested time into "games"

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