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Originally Posted by marlonbrando View Post
Is the symptom that you click on Minion and nothing seems to happen? If so, is there an icon on your
bottom bar? If there is then I've found that selecting that icon, hitting <alt><space>, selecting
"move" from the menu, hitting the right arrow a few times and then moving the mouse brings the window,
on screen from the left.

I don't know if this is just something unique to my installation but I wanted to mention it regardless.
Nope, no icon anywhere... the only thing you can do is to kill minion through the task manager and that doesnt fix the problem. The process itself uses 0 % of RAM, HDD etc... it seems like something is blocking it or I dunno, but my antivirus seems to be okey with minion and all of my other software dont have such possibilities. There is also a problem with "sound mixer" but I cant fix it as it appears again and again after recommended repair, can it be the problem? I found out that it only shows the error message so I dont really know if it can block minion.

EDIT: Yes, the symptom is that after the execution nothing happens =P
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