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Originally Posted by RavenMind View Post
Same issue. Running Windows AV/Firewall. (Are the rest of you that have this problem?)
This was especially irksome since I had to reinstall Minion & couldn't remember where Minion kept its settings menu!
Adding the font to Windows did not work for me, but updating ControlsFX did.

For anyone wondering how, here's how I did it:
Download controlsfx-8.40.13.jar from https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/c...fx-8.40.13.jar
Put the file in your ..Minion\app\lib\ folder.
Back up the existing controlsfx-8.40.11.jar by renaming it to something like controlsfx-8.40.11.jar.bak (Or delete if you feel comfortable - not recommended)
Rename controlsfx-8.40.13.jar to controlsfx-8.40.11.jar
Relaunch Minion

Thanks Baertram & SirInsidiator, and I hope this helps others.
This fixed it for me!
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