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sadly i do not know how to fix my issue. I also somehow downloaded a different language addon for this but I have tried the following steps:

Help me Obie Wan Kenobi =)

Uninstalled all my addons, checked in game worked cept TTC saying i still had a foreign language issue still.
then I uninstalled the complete game and again all my addons, checked all the files that I am capable of to delete dig out and destroy lol.
reinstalled game, checked worked fine, (had uninstalled ttc again of course) then reinstalled all my addons again and BOOM damn thing still giving me errors

user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/QuestHandler.lua:249: function expected instead of nil
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/QuestHandler.lua:249: in function 'WritCreater.InitializeQuestHandling'
user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/WritCreater.lua:615: in function 'WritCreater:Initialize'
user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/WritCreater.lua:632: in function 'WritCreater.OnAddOnLoaded'

user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/WritCreater.lua:385: function expected instead of nil
stack traceback:
user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/WritCreater.lua:385: in function 'writSearch'
|caaaaaa<Locals> W = [table:1]{}, anyFound = F, i = 1, Qname = "" </Locals>|r
user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/QuestHandler.lua:225: in function 'calculateDistance'
|caaaaaa<Locals> watchedZones = [table:2]{}, zoneIndex = 466, zoneId = 849, _ = 849, x =

So at this point I have no clue man. will check with you guys tomorow.

guess i should add, I don't know how you guys write addons.

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