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Originally Posted by Woeler View Post
Did they remove this function? I'm just wondering because it keeps returning nill to me. Is there any alternate method of getting this information?
Whether or not it works I do not know. But I can tell you it has not been removed, it still exists in the global table _G. It did return nil to me as well when I tried it.
I do not know how it works, my guess would be
?do you have to be in a raid group for it to work?
I do not raid, pvp, & rarely group, so this may be wrong, but I googled "how to create a raid group" and what I read said when you add a 5th person to the group the game will ask if you want to convert the group to a "Large" group. I'm guessing you must be in that "Large" (raid) group before the function will work. Try creating one and then test the function.

Maybe someone else will know more.
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