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Looking for translation to Japanese for Thurisaz Guild Info

Any volunteers?


TI.locale["CharNameHeader"] =                                           "CHARACTER"

TI.locale.templates["status_change"] =                                  "<<1>> <<2>> is now <<3>>"
TI.locale.templates["guild_left"] =                                     "<<1>> left <<2>>"
TI.locale.templates["guild_joined"] =                                   "<<1>> joined <<2>>"
TI.locale.templates["new_level"] =                                      "<<1>> <<2>> reached level <<3>>"
TI.locale.templates["new_veteran"] =                                    "<<1>> <<2>> reached <<3>> CP"
TI.locale.templates["motd_changed"] =                                   "Message of the Day for <<1>> was changed:\r\n<<2>>"
TI.locale.templates["motd_startup"] =                                   "Message of the Day for <<1>>:\r\n<<2>>"
TI.locale.templates["characterName_tooltip"] =                          "Main Character:"

--settings strings
-- General
TI.locale.settings["ThurisazCtrlP"] =                                   "Thurisaz Guild Info"
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsGuildRosterHeader"] =                   "GuildRoster"
--Roster General
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsCharNames"] =                           "Show Character Names"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsCharNames"] =                   "Show Character Names in Guild Roster"

TI.locale.settings["ReloadWarning"] =                                   "Reloads UI"
-- Announces General

TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAnnouncementsHeader"] =                 "Announcements"

TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAnnounce"] =                            "Show Announcements"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsAnnounce"] =                    "Show system messages about guild activities"

-- Unlock Announcement Window
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAnnounceDisplayMoveable"] =             "Unlock Window"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsAnnounceDisplayMoveable"] =     "Unlock Announcement Window to allow movement and display size"

-- How to display Announcements
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAnnounceType"] =                        "Show Announcements as"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsAnnounceType"] =                "How to display Announcements"

-- Use Colored Display Messages?
TI.locale.settings["DisplayColorMode"] =                                "Colored Display Messages"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["DisplayColorMode"] =                        "Show display messages in color?"

-- AnnounceDisplayAlignment
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAnnounceDisplayAlign"] =                "Horizontal Alignment"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsAnnounceDisplayAlign"] =        "Horizontal Alignment of Announcements in HUD"

-- Show time on chat announcements
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsShowTimestamp"] =                       "Show Time on Chat"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsShowTimestamp"] =               "Show a timestamp as prefix of chat announcements"

-- Set how long to show Announcement
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAnnounceDisplayTime"] =                 "Seconds to Show Announcement"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsAnnounceDisplayTime"] =         "How long should Announcements be displayed?"

-- Announcement Font Settings
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAnnounceFont"] =                        "Announcements Font"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsAnnounceFont"] =                "Choose font to display Announcements in HUD"

-- Announcement Display Width
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAnnounceDisplayWidth"] =                "Announcement Width"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsAnnounceDisplayWidth"] =        "Width of Announcements in HUD"

-- Player Display Name Preferences
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsNameFormat"] =                          "Player Name Display"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsNameFormat"] =                  "Format names should be displayed in announcements"

-- Set Player Name Color
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsPlayerNameColor"] =                     "Player Name Color"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsPlayerNameColor"] =             "Color to display Player Names in Announcements"

-- Per Guild Settings
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsGuildsHeader"] =                        "Guild Settings"

-- Show Announcements
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsOverallAnnounceGuild"] =                "Show Announcements"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsOverallAnnounceGuild"] =        "Show system messages about this guild's activities. (including Message of the Day)"

-- Guild Name Abbreviation
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsAbbreviationAnnounceGuild"] =           "Guild Name Abbreviation"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsAbbreviationAnnounceGuild"] =   "Define an abbreviation for this guild name. Leave blank to use full guild name"

-- Guild Name Color
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsGuildNameColorGuild"] =                 "Guild Name Color"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsGuildNameColorGuild"] =         "Color to display Guild Name in Announcements"

-- Show roster changes
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsMemberAnnounceGuild"] =                 "Show roster changes"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsMemberAnnounceGuild"] =         "Show system messages about guild roster changes (join/leave)"

-- Show online changes
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsStatusAnnounceGuild"] =                 "Show online changes"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsStatusAnnounceGuild"] =         "Show system messages about online status changes of guild members"

-- Show level changes
TI.locale.settings["TGI_SettingsLevelAnnounceGuild"] =                  "Show level changes"
TI.locale.settings.tooltip["TGI_SettingsLevelAnnounceGuild"] =          "Show system messages about level changes of guild members"
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