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I think this might be a CDN caching issue for some of you. Others might be something else.

Originally Posted by Percles View Post
Since today, there is no update/download of addons. Just activation bar, but nothing downloading.
System is Win7-64.

Are there other people with this problem?
What AddOn(s) were you trying to update? Is it still happening if you restart Minion? Can you attach your minion.xml & minion0.log file located in C:\Users\<user name>\.minion\ ?

Originally Posted by MaxTwelve View Post
I could not get it to update Wykkyd's Framework yesterday. Decided to try again this morning and Minion indicated there was an update so I selected update and install of that before trying an addon update. Minion is still sitting at about 1/3 loading after 10 minutes.

I am going to have to offer some negative reinforcement to the Minion.
Updates should only take a few seconds to download. All the ESO AddOns are very small.

- What happens when you restart Minion? Does it want to keep updating that AddOn or is it fixed now?

- If its still happening can you visit the webpage where the AddOn is located, are you able to download the zip file manually? If not what do you get when you click on Download?

- If its still happening can you attach your minion.xml and minion.log here? located in C:\Users\<user name>\.minion\

Originally Posted by paradoxs View Post
Got the same thing. i i got 4 addon there can be update but i ant puch the button to update them
- Do you have auto update enabled under options? If you do that will remove the update button.
- What are the AddOns that are failing to update?
- Are you able to download them manually from our website?
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