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ESO - High Resolution Problem

Ladies and germs,

Hello all. I seek assistance with a problem running ESO in 4k resolution. Specifically, the interface and text is too small (for me). Is there any way to change this? I am a new player and I apologize if I have overlooked something.

I have tried suggestions I read about from doing my own search, but I can't seem to locate a solution for the in-game menus and text. The Windows 10 custom scaling "solution" did improve the size of the game launcher, but hasn't done anything once I'm i n the game.

I am running the Elseweyr Collector's Edition with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit on an Intel i9-9900k and an RTX 2070 @ 3840 x 2160 165Hz. Other games work fine (even WoW).

Thank you

(aside from this quirk, the game looks beautiful and runs like a champ)
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