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Originally Posted by CyberOnEso View Post
Thank you very much for this! I will certainly look at implementing it.

When I have time I will certainly look at implementing the LAM callback as Baertram suggests. However, as far as I am aware wouldn't doing it this way cause refreshes for all 14 drop-down lists whenever you change any setting? Maybe it's not really intensive, however, any input on if any part of the addon causes more lag/ server strain than necessary would be really appreciated.

Thank you both for your suggestions, I do really appreciate it!
Just running the latest version you sent me. Events Line 560 seems to be causing an issue after fleeing and combat dropping, it looks like the callback is not being unregistred.

Edit: Found the problem I think. Line 560 references, JackofAllTrades.fadeAway - given the rest of your code naming convention I think it should be skill.fadeAway.

It should be ok to default FadeAway to slot 2 btw. I know you put it to 4 to keep it out of the way, but the mechanics of the situation are such that arresting/fleeing puts you into combat, so you can still Blade of Woe people or pickpocket but as you are in combat you can't auto-slot stars so there is no chance of conflicting with other stars.

Also on that note, being arrested breaks stealth and it is unslotting Sustaining Shadows which does make sense and then falls foul of the same issue of being in combat.

If you don't want it to work that way you could put a check on if SS has been auto-slotted then arrest doesn't re-slot the original - only paying the bounty/clemency would. I have not strong opinion either way, just wanted to give you the feedback.

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