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Originally Posted by slimwaffle View Post
Pretty rude assumption mate. There is a lot of locked stuff.
Write rude things and you get rude answers. Simple as that. If you don't like to get answers like that, maybe you should have phrased your previous post differently? Because writing uninformed opinionated stuff will never lead to any fruitful discussion.

Originally Posted by slimwaffle View Post
I simply don't see it the same way. Any system can be abused. Doesn't mean you should remove the functionality.Just punish the offenders. I mean it would be easier to limit the number of posts by a person to certain channels within an allotted time.
How would they punish an offender? Ask to get the addon removed from esoui? How would that stop it from being used? And how would that prevent the mentioned scenario of undermining game mechanics? Also what makes you think it would be easier to implement such a rate limitation system over setting an already existing flag on a function?

Originally Posted by slimwaffle View Post
People already have ways of doing this and don't need addons. You see bots all the time. And in pvp you see people using macros to animation cancel and cast entire rotations at break neck speed. An addon won't damage it any further.
Just because some people know how to pick locks is a reason to open your front door so everyone can just waltz in and dance on your kitchen table?

Originally Posted by slimwaffle View Post
Granted I haven't been around the modding scene for this game long enough to notice. However that is kind of funny because I messaged them. Asking about querying the server time. They looked at the message and then ignored it without even acknowledging the question. But I imagine they would ignore any request to query the server.
What would you do when some random guy on the internet you never have heard of suddenly messaged you in private and asked you to add a function to access some internals of the project you work on? The answer should be pretty obvious. That aside there is a place to request such things.
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