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I am just trying to understand what is going on here.

Currently, I have a version that I am working on that fully obeys the new restrictions. It will only send a request to the server when the cooldown is over. It is a very toned-down version of the original Jack of all Trades.

What is the best way forward, am I supposed to try to ask ZOS if this is okay. I don't ever want to break the game or cause any performance issues. The new version stays well within the rules and doesn't try to exploit anything. (Neither did my original version).

I have not been told that the adjustment was due to my addon, at all.

Am I supposed to try to contact ZOS and ask if this is okay with them? I genuinely don't want them to feel the need to fight back. I am more than happy to work within whatever restrictions they say. Regardless of if I agree with them.

I just wanted to create an addon that would remove some of the insane amounts of micromanagement with the new CP system.

Both versions of my addon stayed well within the rules. I do not want to go down as the guy that nerfed the API, I just read the API patch notes and used what was there.

If they don't like the automated aspect of it, I am happy to introduce a keybind to switch profiles. But I just don't know what they want.

What would be the best way forward, the version I am working on now with the cooldown is much more efficient in every way in terms of messages sent to the server. But I don't want to be seen as trying to break anything. Should I leave the old version, which is spamming users with new annoying messages because it tries to slot CP too fast. Or post a new version, which fixes those issues.

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