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Originally Posted by ZOS_DanBatson View Post
We are currently looking into ways to mitigate the potential server load of this aspect of the new system. The cooldown was a fast solution to a spammy system but since its only server side, I don't have access to it either. I don't know at this time if the cooldown will be the ultimate answer or if some kind of redesign to those abilities or slotting in general will be in play. If the cooldown is here to stay, I will be trying to get access to it so I can expose it to the API.
Thank you very much. I really hope there is a way to mitigate the potential server load so that the cooldown can be lessened or eliminated.

If the skill cooldown is here to stay then thank you very much in advance for trying to get us access to the skill cooldown. It would be great if the skill cooldown could be picked up by GetChampionPurchaseAvailability() or GetExpectedResultForChampionPurchaseRequest()

Many thanks for all your work and your communication. It is really appreciated!