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Originally Posted by Dubritski View Post
how many people do you expect to have active in ESO at launch? i checked out your forum and there was no guild, only an "embassey"?
All game guilds in Grievance are an Embassy until release. The council of Grievance has already approved our Guild status. We know we have at least about 300 folks signed up for launch. Come over and check us out! And now, for my newest message for folks...

Missing out on early access? Catch Grievance's 24-hour ESO stream at pre-release! From server start on Sunday to as long as we can get them to stream! We have a few hundred guildmates ready to storm Cyrodiil. (With a number of casual folks just there to have fun!) We still have room for YOU!


Check out our international, trademarked guild. We hold Family, Loyalty, Honor as our tenets and have a no drama clause....because drama has no place in Grievance! Apply at GrievanceGaming.org
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