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Originally Posted by Raven Stormchaser View Post
Are you on the US or EU megaserver?
Originally Posted by masterofthebuttons View Post
Hello, I am US east coast. Your post for the guild caught my eye, are you still recruiting? And if so, how would I go about applying.

Merwin - Argonian Templar Healer
US server, though we have an international membership playing there. You can apply at http://www.grievancegaming.org/elder-scrolls-online

There is an orange button in the top left to click to submit an application. Once approved to post on forums, (we have to screen spammers and bots), our direct thread to apply is here: http://grievancegaming.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=446

And now, some more about Grievance...

Grievance has a lot of couples and mature players. We enforce a no drama clause. Our guilds raid but recognize that Real-Life comes first, therefore we have a lot of casual players and folks willing to help them out.

Once in one chapter of Grievance, you can play any of our games with us. Friendships have been formed which span several games and game genres. We don't get jealous if you're game-surfing, because we do too! We have forums focusing on the games we're looking forward to and can plan our guild presence ahead of time.

Grievance spans several MMORPGs and FPSs. We host twitch casts and have a Youtube channel where we feature our many various game interests, both released and anticipated. Check out our Twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/grievance , or our Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0pIHj0pZLjq9cutBhA66OA . You may have seen us at Pensacon, or heard about our upcoming business projects.

New member praise: "I have to say since coming back to Rift my experience has changed dramatically. Grievance is the perfect guild for me. Helpful when needed but not pushy. Funny and loud but at the same time very serious about your members. I gotta say thank you to everyone. And if I'm on and anyone needs help I'll do my best."--- "I'm also very happy to be in Grievance. I'm not as active as some people and not that often on TS, unfortunately. But I enjoy being part of this group! Thank you everyone!"

Recruiting Officer, Elder Scrolls Online chapter

Host, Debuffed: The Star Citizen Report

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