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Originally Posted by Uesp View Post
What's going on with the skills/ability data? Previously when you used the function GetSpecificSkillAbilityInfo() for an active/ultimate ability you would get 12 different ability IDs for all the morph/rank choices. Now, however, it seems it only returns 3 different ability IDs (one for each morph) and the same abilities for all 4 ranks of each morph. Further, it seems the previous rank 2-4 abilities no longer exist and some rank 1 abilities have new IDs.

I was hoping to find some new skill related functions in the API but I can't seem to find any. Is this an on-purpose change in the skill API or is there something buggy going on the current PTS?

This seems to affect a bunch of skill API functions (only checked a few):
  • GetSpecificSkillAbilityInfo() -- Only returns the same ability for all ranks of a morph.
  • GetAbilityProgressionAbilityId() -- Returns the same ability ID regardless of rank.
  • GetAbilityProgressionXPInfoFromAbilityId() -- Doesn't return the correct morph.
  • GetSpecificSkillAbilityKeysByAbilityId() -- Returns the correct morph but the incorrect rank (always 2).
The active skills were changed into single abilities with scaling behavior based on rank. This was to help with updating and maintaining these skills. I'll need to think about what it would mean to target specific ranks of these through APIs. I think it might mean adding rank parameters to a lot of the ability APIs. Which APIs are you using?
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