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Originally Posted by ZOS_ChipHilseberg View Post
The active skills were changed into single abilities with scaling behavior based on rank. This was to help with updating and maintaining these skills. I'll need to think about what it would mean to target specific ranks of these through APIs. I think it might mean adding rank parameters to a lot of the ability APIs. Which APIs are you using?
This is actually super helpful for me. Makes it way less difficult to do things like custom auras for ground abilities. Although - a method to pull the duration differences between ranks when relevant might be helpful in certain cases.

Also, Chip, would you be able to pass a suggestion along to the development team? Currently there's an inconsistency between ability names for "Off Balance" and "Off-Balance." Might be a good idea to do a pass on it and normalize it in all ability's as well as tooltips (I think tooltips might all say "Off Balance" now but I haven't check every single one). Thanks!

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