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The problem isn't so much with loading (although that will also become an issue), but rather with the saving. I noticed that lua database is only created once you logout or quit which means that a lot of writing has to be done at that one time. This is also the moment that freezes my system (I suspect it is due to the fact that your addon is still writing and telling that the game cannot close while the game itself is saying that it has to close, or sth). Couldn't the writing be done at the time of discovery?

Where does the game keep it's own book data? How do you get information from the game that the character is reading a book? The game probably tells its own internal database that a book with thisandthis id should be displayed. Couldn't you store that id and use the games own database to display books? This way you wouldn't have to store the text. Or at least not load it constantly.
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