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Hi Cairenn,

at the first, thanx for this platform to share the addons we create for all the users and to get in contact with users, if something is needed to implement or fixes and updates.

I am such like a coder - really not the best one (and never want to be, even if i code since about 30 years now - but not i lua - dont panik^^ just assembler, c#... and more crap).
Began to code in lua with World Of Warcraft, i did play for about 6 years, where i needed here and there a helpful and mostly simple addon (like a chat-system, friendlist and so on).

On here i wanted not to code, because i wanted to play (coding in lua do cost alot of time) and then there popped up a problem, that some of the addons i used stopped to work or got some design-errors.
So i startet at first to fix them just for my own and some close friends.
But at 1.6.5 alot of addons doesnt work so i had to fix them again and decided to share those fixed ones with others on here to participate and to have running addon.

Under the line - thanx for your work here.

Adalan @Aruntas
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