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Any updates coming?

I started using the program few days ago and immediatelly noticed a few somewhat annoying shortcomings.
I'll just post some random ideas.

1) Spaces at the beginning or end of text pasted into the search box should be ignored. When you copy an addon's name, there are often spaces. This is slightly annoying.

2) Selecting text in the search box and moving the mouse down deselects the text.

3) How about some more buttons, like "update now" for example?

4) Extra column with addon update time would be nice. The sorting menu does not cut it (sort by date, what is that actually? what date? see what I mean?).

5) How about highlighting addons that were updated on startup (or if the update button gets implemented)?

6) I'd like to be able to close the addon detail window on pressing Esc.

7) Some window customization, please? I only use it for ESO, and I don't need to have fifth of the window's width taken by empty games list column.
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