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You know zgwortz, you are somehow right: I do not want to talk about this anymore and want to wipe your discussion simply away. As this is a game and not my job!
It's making me angry you won't simply accept the fact that there is currently no other way to improve this.
You were redirected by many ppl now to talk to ZOs and argue with them, find a better way, do your thing.
I won't stop you there. And I'd be glad if it will be less work then today and functionally for the standard user as well.
I always told you guys you are free to do it your way.
Kee pthe libs within your adons, I'm fine with it.
But libraries are not meant and build to be included in each single piece of code if it is not needed. So I have removed them from my addons to get some benefits (listed in different threads now).
Maybe not a good example but dou you think Microsoft copies the same library files to each piece of code again if they can also work from within System32 directory? This will be only done with files which are changed or "could be missing" on some system32 directories.
-> Maybe Minion will be updated one day to install dependent libs with the addons. Would be cool.

It is you decision to "Not eanble the checkbox" (and maybe the same for many other users who do not want to know what this checkbox does in the back and why it is disabled after a patch).
-> But I also know a very large base of users who want to see behind the scenes and understand what it does. And I also know a lot of players who understood that this way of "security" is not working and who simply enable the checkbox and use their brain to deactivate error message affected addons afterwards. I'm glad these guys are alive because THEY will make the difference with ZOs if they need to decide another way of addon checks (if this will ever happen..). not "your" user base which just disables it and complains about non working/enabled addons afterwards
It is your decision to "Not break ZOs stupid way of using a version check to tell the standard user that an addon is broken, which isn't at all".
It's your decision to "use this fail of a check" and "wrong try to secure users".

I've accepted your decisions.

But if you do not want to update ALL addon's ##APIVersion: for us each patch where it is not needed...
Maybe you will volunteer to update them all? Or the libraries? Would be cool, thanks.

I guess you need to write your own addons then like you have told us.

But perhaps just talk to ZOs and try to get a better working "protection against old addons" instead of
bringing your dislike against the way it is done now from other games, libraries, projects, documents and addons here to the forums?

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