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Hi Dolgubon, thanks for your reply!
I checked what you said but the parameter "containingControl" is passed as a hard reference, so it should definitely be the same both times.

This is the function I use to call the "CreateQuestLabel" function:

Lua Code:
  1. function TestAddon:AddQuestsToGrid()
  2.     local noOfQuests = GetNumJournalQuests()
  3.     local yOffset = 50
  4.     for i = 1, noOfQuests do
  5.         local labelName = "QuestLabel" .. i
  6.         local checkboxName = "QuestCheckBox" .. i
  7.         local label = self:CreateQuestLabel(i, labelName, TestAddonGrid, yOffset)
  8.             --TestAddonGrid is the TopLevelControl in the .xml file
  9.         local checkbox = self:CreateQuestCheckBox(i, checkboxName, TestAddonGrid, label)
  10.         yOffset = yOffset + 50
  11.     end
  12. end

		<TopLevelControl name="TestAddonGrid" mouseEnabled="true" movable="false" clampedToScreen="true" hidden="true">
				<some controls />
The AddQuestsToGrid function gets called by a slash command.
type slash command for the first time -> everything workes as intended since the controls don't yet exist
type slash command for the 2nd time -> Duplicate error

Could this be caused by some weird object instance behaviour? Like that the object "TestAddonGrid" is not the same instance the second time as the first time?
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